Sabtu, 24 April 2010

LOL (lot of laugh)

Slapstick is an exaggerated depiction of physical action. This type of comedy involves lots o f practical joke filled with accident and violence. A bucket spilling when a door is opened and a man falling out of a window after being punched by another man are classic example of this genre. Who dosent know Charlie Chaplin, The Three Stooges, and Srimulat performer’s hilarious slapstick?.

is a humorous imitation of a well-know piece of music, litelature, news, a movie and many other things. It makes fun of its original source of inspiration in a satirical, ironic, and of course, humorous way. Many of PROJECT POP’s song are parodies. And Republik Mimpi is an excellent example of a parody that mocks the Indonesian political situasion. National Lampoon’s parody movies have made lots of famous Hollywood movies as their targets.

A Stand up Comedy
is aa one-maan show in which a comedian on stage speaks directly to the audience. Holding a microphone, the comedian tells the humorous sides of everyday trivia. It’s a funny monologue that observes the silliness of something that society takes for granted. Jerry Seinfeld and Ellen DeGeneres are two world-know stand-up comedians.

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