Kamis, 29 April 2010

Seven steps that can help release the stress:

1. Have realistic expectations

Many people put expectations / goals that are unrealistic for himself or others. Actually no one does, because there are wise words to say: "hang the sky-high ambition.".
Install the expectations / goals high can increase your abilities, but if the expectations / goals instead of negative stress can bring to you, you should reconsider the expectations / goals you are.
For example, suppose you currently earn 5 million / month, you then set goals like buying a BMW car worth 500 million within one year. Hmm ... not one you define a target buying a BMW, only the period is a realistic need to be made, say within five years. Assuming you've worked so hard and become a General Manager with income 40 million / month.
Need to be considered also for those of you who installed the expectations / goals for others (usually for children your fruit), that the ability of every human being receives the load and different pressures facing each individual. You should be able to see the ability of your whole team and put up reasonable targets that can be accepted by the entire team.

2. Active

Exercise can reduce stress, through release of endorphins, the hormone the body antidepressants owned, so says the experts. Sports activities such as jogging, swimming and aerobics can discard excess energy which if left untouched can be buried within the body. Something buried, whatever, is not very good.

3. Previous preparation

Stress is often caused by certain situations where you are located. Many people for example have a fear of public speaking. But I think all of us was definitely nervous and stressful at first to speak in public, is no exception. One of the most effective strategy to overcome this problem is you do best preparation, including visiting the location where you will start getting used to talking to you. Often people say, to get 'feelingnya' first.
You can also do exercises in front of your family or your friends. But I think in Indonesia, this rarely happens because our culture that lead to your very awkward to speak in front of them.
If you really want to become expert in public speaking, there are also training, like that held by Mr. James Gwee.

4. Make a break in between your day job

Many of us work in environments that require speed and accuracy. You are actually having the ability to measure stress level and your own energy. If you feel your head is very tired, do break. After all, if forced too, your focus will inevitably disrupted. As a result the quality of your work will decrease. If possible, go into the streets outside, like to the park for example, to clear your brain.

5. Reduce caffeine

Symptoms of stress such as anxiety are closely related to the amount of caffeine in your body. Many people drink coffee glasses in one day. Try to limit your coffee consumption of one drink a day maximum. Reduce caffeine helps you to sleep well and eventually you'll get more energy.

6. Enough sleep

Many people do not get enough sleep every day. Seven to eight hours a day is the recommended amount, varies between each person. You'll know when you get enough sleep, you'll wake up fresh every day (sometimes we wake up naturally before the alarm goes off), so you'll face the day with more energy.

7. Balance between work and play

People who did not allow himself to have fun will get a high stress level. Do not feel guilty when you indulge yourself with exercise, relaxation, entertainment and do your hobbies.

Dear readers, if you are already feeling the signs or symptoms of stress, I suggest you immediately take these tips above, so that your life becomes much better.

source: www.akuinginsukses.com

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