Kamis, 29 April 2010

some body language that you have noticed when talking to someone:

1. Do not cross your legs and your hands.

You may have heard that crossed his arms or legs can indicate that you are closed to you and this other person does not create a good relationship conversation. Open always position your hands and feet.

2. Make eye contact, but not at him.

By making eye contact on the other person talks you can create a better relationship and you can see if they're listening to you or not. But also not to look at him (continuous), because it will make the other person you become restless.
If you are not accustomed to making eye contact on the speaker you, indeed you will feel discomfort at first. But do go ahead and you will get used someday.

3. Make the distance between your legs.

Gives the distance between the legs (not closed) in both standing or seated position indicate that you are pretty confident and comfortable with your position.

4. Santaikan your shoulder.

When you feel tense, you will also feel the tension in your shoulders. Usually seen from a slightly raised position and shoulder forward. Try to relax the tension by moving your shoulders and back backing or leaning back position.

5. Nod when the other person you're talking.

Nodding signifies that you really are listening. But that does not mean you nodded excessive (continuous and fast) like a woodpecker:), because you'll look like a made-up.

6. Do not bend, sit up straight.

Bending signifies that you are not passionate about, and upright intention here is to stay in the corridor relaxed, not tense.

7. Leaning, but not too much.

If you want to show that you are interested in what is conveyed by the other person you are, your body lean slightly toward him. But do not be too biased because you look like will be asking for something.
If you want to show that you are pretty confident and relaxed, lean your body slightly to the rear. But also do not be too biased, because you'll look arrogant.

Eight. Smiling and laughing.

Bercerialah, do not be too serious. Relax, smile and even laugh if someone told me something funny. People will tend to listen to you if you're seen as a positive person. But it also should not be the first to laugh if you own a funny story to tell her, because you will be impressed and nervous, like asking to be pitied.
Smile when you meet someone, but do not also smiled constantly as you will be storing things behind your smile.

9. Keep your head straight.

Do not look down when you talk to somebody. You will look like no other person comfortable talking with you and also looks like someone who is not confident.

10. Do not hurry.

This could apply to anything. For those of you who have the habit of walking quickly, try occasionally to slow down your street. Besides you will look more calm and confident, you also will feel your stress level is reduced.

11. Avoid movements that indicate that you are nervous.

Like touching your face, wiggle your foot or your finger tapping on the table quickly. Such movements indicate that you are nervous and can distract the other person or persons who talk with you.

12. Efektifkan using your hands.

Instead you use your hands for things that can distract your listener, as mentioned in point 11 above, it is better you use your hand to help explain what you have to say.

13. Lowered your drinks.

Often we talk to someone while holding a drinking glass in front of our chests. This attitude is somewhat less good because it will create a 'distance' is pretty much between you and your listener. Lowered position of your drinks, even if you have to hold it up near the feet.

14. Do not stand too close.

In my article: How to Know Someone Who's Lying, I had time to review a little that people who change their position becomes too close to his interlocutor may indicate that he is hiding something or have a specific purpose. In addition of course to make his interlocutor would be uncomfortable. Always keep a distance 'privacy' between you and your listener.

15. Reflecting.

In books on sale, I often find on the term of this prism. The bottom line when two people are connected and make a positive relationship talks, they will unconsciously mirror each other with each other. In a sense you will slightly mimic the body language of your listener, and vice versa.
You could also do a proactive glass techniques (consciously) to further improve the quality of your relationships and your listener. For example, if your speaker leaned forward slightly, you can also lean your body forward. If the other person you put a hand on the table, you can also do the same. But still need to remember, do not do artificial movements with a very short lag time and almost all movement imitated. Other person you'll see something strange and looked like a circus. :)

16. Always keep your attitude.

What you feel will be channeled via body language and can be a big difference on the quality of your relationships and your listener. Keep keep a positive attitude, open and relaxed.

Keep in mind that you can change the body language that is not well of course as long as you understand that to create a new habit that requires a process. Do not also try to do everything at once because it will make you confused and tired.

2-3 focus on body language alone is a priority and fix your continuous period of 3-4 weeks. After that time you'll create a new habit. Then you can continue it again for the next 2-3 body language.

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